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http://www.caliurbana.net/web/descarga-aqui/janis-mara-presenta-su-nuevo-hit-qi-like-youq-junto-al-productor-dj-tombsThe site has been vamped! Love it! www.JanisMara.com


Some press to catch you up on:

With the release of Janis Mara's latest collaboration with Colombian DJ and Producer DJ Tombs, "I lIke You (Me Gustas Musho)" on June 1, 2013 worldwide, Janis has received great press, radio play and festival play. "Thank you to everyone for getting the song out and continuing to spread it! I have such a great connection to this fun, summer love tune and hope you guys enjoy it and continue to play it. Spread it like a wildfire!" With a Spanish, English and Bi-lingual version, the song has gotten huge success n the Latin American market, specially the collaborators native/raised land Colombia! "Que Viva Colombia!"

Below is some press to share:





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"Just You and I" featured on the Glovel Records Pres. Miami WMC 2013 Sampler CD 
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"Just You and I" lands on the Take 2 Radio Music Playlist!



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